The Black Maze


1000 Heartbeats in the dark.

The worlds first Bio-Activated Maze Game

Photographing darkness

The Black Maze is simple, it asks you: can you find your way in the dark? Can you stop your heart racing. The game monitors your bio-data, using your heart as a game timer.  We set the limit of 1000 beats of your own heart, then send you into the maze. Into the darkness. How far you get is up to you. With each beat of your heart your time diminishes. The more your heart races the faster your time goes down.

Somewhere in the blackness there are cubes that can light up. As a player you must find all the cubes and illuminate them. Each cube is primed to spark in to life with a unique bio-data trigger.  One will illuminate when you hold your breath, another when you lay flat on the floor and still another will brighten if you blow out all your breath.

But finding your way in the maze is difficult, what will you find as you grope your way in to the gloom? Could you cross a bridge without sight? Could you crawl your way through a fetid tunnel if that was the only way forward? What are your limits? What was that that touched your face? What makes you afraid. Where do you find your strength. Who do you trust?

The Black Maze is a descent in to fear and darkness. It offers you a simple challenge; how far can you get with 1000 heart beats in the dark?

The Black Maze was developed as a part of the React project and was premiered at The Rooms Festival. The project was designed and delivered by myself and Simon Evans.

The project was part of a larger examination of biodata its ownership and influence. The end goal was to build a system that learned what made you frightened and responded to you. This fully responsive space was the design for a project called Hyde. Here is a little design fiction trailer for Hyde.


Making the maze


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