2.8 Hours Later

The Original Citywide Zombie Chase Game. 2010 – 2015.

2.8 Hours Later Was the biggest game of its kind in the world. In it’s 5 year lifespan it enjoyed more than 60,000 players in 14 cities.

The Infection roster included London, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, Gateshead, Salford, Edinburgh and Bristol.

As a player, you and your friends were given a mission. This would involve you traveling a 3 mile route through a world ravaged by a zombie pandemic. Simple contact with the infected was enough to pass on the condition so you’d better run if you wanted to survive the night.

Here’s a gallery of some of our zombies.

The missions changed each year as the game was rewritten to reflect contemporary political events. Like all good zombie media, 2.8 offered a political satire. For example, In one game you started out in a state sponsored relocation programme only to slip through the cracks of bureaucracy and eventually be dumped in the wastelands by the police. Your only remaining option is to look for a refuge called asylum, so you’d become an asylum seeker.

Once you’d completed your mission you’d head back to the start and go through quarantine. Scanned from head to toe, if you’d been tagged by the infected it would show up under the ultra violet light in the quarantine booth.
If you glowed, we hit the big red button and the alarm would sound. You’d then be sent to the treatment rooms where you’d get your zombie make up done. Both Survivors and Infected would then head down to the Zombie Disco to share war stories.

Here is a gallery of some of the other game assets like player maps, terminal interfaces, and merch.

2.8hourslater.com From here you could get game updates, buy tickets or sign up for Zombie School.

The game was devised and run for the first time in 2010 as a part of igfest. All initial design and writing was done by myself along with Simon Evans and Hazel Grian.

We made lots of videos. Here are a selection of  videos from the Ruin tour of 2015.