A citywide scent chase.

Hounded challenged you to follow your nose and not lose your head. We marked a series of scent trails across town and you and your team had to use your nose to decipher the direction. Marked out with identical scent blocks were several different smells. Some of the smells were sweet like rose or orange, some were neutral like coal or cedar and then some were real stinkers like swamp bottom or cordite.

Beware though as while you were busy sniffing your way about town, the hounds were closing in. At the start of the game all of the players feet were scent tagged with a marker scent. We then used this to chase you down with our hounds.


The whole game was themed as a fox hunt with you the players as the wily fox trying to outwit the pink coated hunter blowing his bugle. Yes the dogs were real.

From anecdotal reports, this was the most frightening gameĀ I’ve ever made. The sound of teh bugle closing in on you, knowing the dogs are coming… for you…

We ran this game initially at COaP NY in 2011, we then ran it again in UR Go Berlin, then in LondonĀ from the Soho theatre and finally at iglab in Bristol.