I’m a game designer who specialises in enabling people to play in real, social spaces. I design experiences that amaze, exhilarate, activate and occasionally baffle. I was founder and director of igfest, Bristol’s festival of outdoor play. I am currently a resident in the Pervasive Media Studio where I am engaged in running my new Games Company Free Ice Cream

email: simon@s-j.io

twitter: @donnyBronson

This site is a primarily a Ludography*,

Here is a brief Bio

In 2008 I co-founded Slingshot and was a company director for 7 years. Slingshot was a real world games company. We delivered real world gaming experiences to over 60,000 players worldwide. Slingshot was about offering a proposition that was simultaneously ridiculous and appealing and finding a way to do this commercially.

Slingshot will be known primarily for 2.8 Hours Later. 2.8 was the biggest game of its kind. The original city-wide zombie chase game. It has inspired many others to take up gaming as a form. Along the way we also won several media innovation awards.

Way back in 2008 I set up iglab, the world’s first pervasive testing games lab. It was a means to popularise pervasive gaming as a form and to introduce new artists and designers to the possibilities offered by play, games and the city .

2008 also saw the inception of igfest; an international festival of street games. I directed and curated the festival for six years bringing in some of the finest games designers from around the world.

I was a founder resident of the Pervasive Media Studio. With the work and research we did there we helped shape the agenda of the pervasive media studio toward the use of play as a strategic goal for urban development.

*its an ongoing project, There have been a lot of games…