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TBS Lagos

I love this building. The TBS was the stage of Nigerian independence and Fela Kuti’s funeral. The Eyo, the arena’s guarding statues are about the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. But then they are spirits come to escort the dead.


This building looks like a vehicle, like a ship. Like it wants to take you to another world.  Dragged in to space by horse power. Inua told me a story today. The size of the rockets in the space program was set by the maximum size object they could be transported by train. Which in turn was defined by the gauge of the railway system. The final twist was that the rail gauges were initially set by the width of two horses as the horses would be used to pull the trains.

The TBS is a horse powered space ship.

Landing in Lagos


For dramatic effect nothing quite beats landing in a tropical thunderstorm. But the equatorial sun won out by dawn as I was driven across Africa’s longest bridge to Lagos island. Everything I was told about the Lagosean traffic is true. I’m glad Emeka is driving and not me. Plus the roadside vendors are way to interesting to be focussing on the driving.

Listlet viewed from the safety of a car a compound:

  • 3 kinds of lizards in the hotel grounds
  • Massive rhizome bearing trees
  • 100 kinds of unknown in ornate piles in the roadside markets
  • Awesome vlisco fabrics
  • Road hawkers hocking garden shears
  • 5 kinds of cops with automatic weapons
  • an actual AK47
  • chilli potatoes and egg sauce for breakfast.

Ok Landed